We are creators and producers of high quality entertainment and info-tainment television and media




Bornages Media Grp is an industry pioneer,focused on reshaping the African and global media and entertainment landscape.With this in mind,we strive to be at the fore front of an ever evolving media and entertainment landscape and strive to reach raw and untapped markets and vast audiences.
We specialize in utilizing our unique wisdom of trends and capabilities to create strategies that are effective across all platforms to capture todays' modernized markets.With the best alternative to antiquated media platforms,we are uniquely positioned to thrive in this fiercely transforming industry.


We create content,products and services using creative ideas putting into consideration the context,the desired content will be presented in.With this setting,in place our INNOVATIVE II DISTINGUISHABLE II UNIQUE thought-process combines market realities with our creative process with the mandate of communicating with your target audience in their language.









Branding and Designing II Corporate Marketing II Event Management II Production:Film and Television II Talent Management